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Compost and Seed

8 December - 11am - 3pm AEDT

Compost & Seed is a four hour online somatic and reflection workshop to help you metabolise and learn from 2022 and plant seeds for 2023.

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a space to breathe, reflect and reconnect ...

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How would it feel to:

  • have a space to reflect on the last year and process and learn in an embodied way 

  • connect with a kindred community 

  • draw lessons from the past year in a way that generates sustainable momentum on the road ahead 

  • feel into some regenerative intentions for 2023 

  • reconnect with and rest your body 

  • reconnect with the earth and others through experiential processes involving movement, nature connection and journalling. 

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compost & seed combines trauma-informed somatic practices, quiet reflection, community conversation and nature-based play - offering pathways back to life for many different brains and bodies.

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Through this workshop you will:

  • learn a new, regenerative way of setting intentions

  • create a space to really learn from and process difficult experiences from the last year in an embodied way

  • re-discover the courage and resources to follow your regenerative intentions through in 2023. 

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what our culture does so poorly is make space for ritual and reflection that allows us to truly metabolise - in our bodies - our triumphs and traumas. And so we try and build on incomplete understandings - on quicksand -  rather than building upon a fertile soil containing the compost of all that came before.

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Available worldwide - replays will be sent out to those unable to make it live. 

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Your Facilitator

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Meg Berryman is a trauma-informed coach, consultant and yoga teacher seeding regenerative ways to live, lead, learn and do business. She centres embodiment, connection and sustainability in her family, relationships and offerings - celebrating the small, the simple and the slow in everything she does.

Meg Berryman

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the journey includes:

  • 1 x 4 hour live online workshop 

  • e-workbook (printable)

  • replay and resource email. 

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SALE - Pay in Full

A once off payment of AUD 200

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Payment Plan

2 x monthly payments of AUD 225

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A transformative experience. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Tara Broughan

thank you for your enormous generosity and heart for this work - to invite us to own what we know in our own hearts, to seed it freely, what a beautiful gift.

Mary Walker

I honestly feel like this space is nourishing me in ways I didn't think possible.

Emily Bagaric

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