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meg berryman

seeding regenerative ways to live, lead, learn and do business

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I'm Meg. I'm a trauma-informed coach, yoga teacher and consultant seeding and teaching regenerative ways to live, lead, learn and do business. I center embodiment, connection and sustainability in my family, relationships and offerings - celebrating the small, the simple and the slow in everything I do.

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Wilder explores how we can follow our body’s feedback and disrupt the norm in order to come back to life, one breath at a time. An antidote to hustle culture and a balm for the weary soul, this regenerative collection of stories, quotes and reflections offers hope and companionship on the journey toward embodying our wilder selves.

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Regenerating Work

It’s taken nearly eight years to decolonize and deconstruct my own toxic work habits and extractive ways of relating to work - through...

selling shame

Our business is earning less now than it was at any stage of the pandemic. We are living week to week, creatively manoeuvring money...


Some time in early high school, I participated in a co-educational dance class with boys from another school. Being that we went to an...


Annie came to live with us in the most unexpected of circumstances - through a fragmented web of relationship as so often happens in...


Not everything you do needs to serve a purpose. Not everything you do in a day needs to be valuable or productive .... Not everything...

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